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  • President's Experience:
  • Nick Bianco has over 21 years worth of experience in precast concrete restroom, utility, and shower facilities. Learn More...

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  • Park and Restroom Structures has sold over 200 products nation-wide.

  • The map below indicates where our products are located. Click on a colored state from the map below to see where and how many facilities are located in that state.

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    About Us


    Nick Bianco's Story:
    Nick Bianco started the CXT building division in 1992. Over a 13 year span Nick developed over 20 models that included restrooms, concessions, showers, and utility buildings. CXT was bought by LB Foster 1999. The large corporate atmosphere made innovation very difficult and in 2005 Nick and CXT (LB Foster) went separate ways.

    Park and Restroom Structures Story:
    Nick Bianco started Park and Restroom Structures, Inc. in 2006 with a group of private West Coast investors in Eastern Washington state. Nick Bianco is the current president with over 20 years of experience in precast concrete facility development, sales and marketing. That experience equates to over 8,000 facilities sold and installed throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Canada. Nick has also developed over forty different and unique product designs. We at Park and Restroom Structures pride ourselves on innovative products that are more aesthetically pleasing, have enhanced features and functionality and are more durable than most prefabricated and similar kit products offered on the market.
    Why our products are the best:
    At Park and Restroom Structures we believe that innovative products are dependent on three variables. These three variables include a superior product design that does away with warranty and durability issues, quality materials for a more durable product, and workers with advanced training to build the best products. To prove to our customers that we stand behind our products and services we provide the best warranty in the business. Park and Restroom Structures provides a 3 year warranty on facilities against defects in materials and workmanship and a 10 year warranty on all vaults against leaks when properly installed in the field.
    Product Design:
    A product that is designed for better functionality is important to making a superior product. Our products may look similar to other competitor's products within the current marketplace but all of our products have a list of features that make them more durable, easier to maintain and clean, and aesthetically pleasing by offering more options than the leading competitors. Click here for information on our Technology.
    Quality Materials:
    Our products are made with the highest quality materials available. We understand that our products will be used and abused by the public for upwards of forty years and know that quality materials are vital to creating products that will perform without a great deal of maintenance for long-term use.
    Workers with Advanced Training:
    All products are manufactured by trained professionals with an eye for detail. We understand that even a product made with a superior product design and the highest quality materials will not last long-term if the product is not manufactured properly by people that take pride in their work and are detail oriented.
    Products Near You
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    Park and Restroom Structures has sold over 200 products nation wide.
    US Map Alaska Arizona California Colorado Idaho Illinois Kansas Montana Nevada Ohio Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming This map is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.